Everyone involved in the entire experience was top-notch! They made me feel comfortable, safe, and in good hands. They talked me through each step they were doing, and the entire procedure was so quick and painless! I would highly recommend Eugene Eye Clinic to anyone!!! I enjoyed the entire experience, and wouldn’t hesitate to have surgery again with them when the time comes for my left eye. Thank you all for making it a positive experience that I will never forget!!! I thought it was a very cool, interesting, and educational experience!!! Thanks again and see you all in the future for my left eye!
– Recent Patient Review

I have recommended Dr. Gross & your facility to several friends. I cannot thank you enough for the daily pleasure I feel now that I can see much better than years prior to my treatment under your care. In addition to your thorough and effective care I really appreciate your entire staff, their ability to explain things well, and their patience. Once I had to wait for the next procedure and your staff actually waited with me. I felt so cared for. Thanks for everything!

-Anonymous patient survey comment

Dr. Polansky is the best! His staff is wonderful. I always recommend this office to others. Thank you!

-Anonymous patient survey comment

I am a new patient to Eugene Eye Clinic and must say the staff is AMAZING and I was so impressed with the very thorough exam I received. The doctor really took the time to explain everything to me and I am so happy to have found my permanent eye care clinic.
– Karen

I very rarely add to testimonials in medicine but in this case, I am happy to express my extreme satisfaction with Dr. Jason Gross’s cataract surgery on both of my eyes in May. All things went smoothly. He told me that I probably would need glasses to read but I do not need glasses for anything thanks to him.
– Dennis

I truly appreciate that Dr. Gross and the whole medical team of Eugene Eye Clinic helped me regain clear vision. I had a couple of serious eye complications while having my cataract surgery elsewhere. I also had worries and concerns about the surgical results. Dr. Gross and the surgery coordinator have been patient and caring and took the time to have detailed discussions with me before the surgery, which eliminated my anxiety and intensified my sense of security. Thanks so very much for Dr. Gross’s excellent and professional skills so that I can have great vision immediately while walking out the surgery center. The post-op visits have been quite helpful to track my vision and prevent other possible reactions from happening. I owe Dr. Gross and staff of Eugene Eye Clinic for their wonderful help and support. Thank you so much.
– Helen

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